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Five Reasons Why Glee SUCKS.

In TV Shows on 18/07/2012 at 10:07 PM

In eight words – Glee is the melodrama that no one needs. I simply hate it. I admit at  first it was exciting and new and fresh; a break from the norm, I was also shamelessy drawn in by the hype of a new all singing all dancing show. Over time, I gained my senses and  I gradually lost interest and then I woke up one morning and realised how stupid it glee is. I’ve complied a list of the things that make Glee suck

1) 30 Year Olds Playing Teenagers

The Cory Monteith a the actor who play 16ish year old Finn Hudson is infact 30 something. What the hell. They couldn’t find talented young adults, so they had to sink to the level of hiring middle aged people. Seriously!!  What the hell is that.  I don’t care if they can all sing and shit. It’s just annoying. That’s it. You can’t be putting grown men up on the screen and expect me to relate to them. KMT.

2) The Character & Main Villain Sue Sylvester Is Unrealistic  

I tend to love villains since they always make the show, like I said before – Viewers Need Someone To Hate. Or some kind of common enemy and Sue provided both. I loved to hate Sue. But in the end I just ended up hating her. What kind of self respecting school has someone like Sue Sylvester bullying kids and throwing her weight around and shit. Liiiiikkkee… what the hell!!! The character is heartless (I know that she’s meant to be a villain but, villains are very complex somewhere in them is a beating feeling heart but nnooooo Sue Sylvester is special)  she has no depth, no realistic personality, the people over at glee overly evil-fy her – if thats even a word. Plus, the nasty track suits just piss me off.

3) It’s Just Stupid.

I believe the picture speaks for itself – in volumes.

4) They Can Sing… but… SO!!!

One thing I like about Glee is that everyone can sing and the actors are right for their characters. With all that said. So? As the season progressed, the writers got more and more desperate to create some kinda drama and raise up some story lines and laughs. Building up to point number 3 – it’s just stupid. And freakin’ cheesy! I don’t care if thats how  the show is meant to be.  Frankly, I don’t give a fuck! They comes a point where the line of cheesiness is crossed and Glee has basically Usain Bolted over the line.

You know what else I hate? I hate  how the glee club members always get slushed, it’s just stupid. And that annoying – durh, durh,durh,durh theme tune they have – shut the hell up!! I hate how dumb Brittany is. The people over at glee bring an entire new meaning to dumb blonde. What kind of real life human being doesn’t know their right hand to their left? I hate William Schuester and his slow  relationship with Emma Pillsbury,  it’s obvious that these two want to be together so why did the writers drag their relationship for two seasons? As the you-tuber Mikeisverybored would say “This shit don’t make sense to me!”.

I hate that bitch Rachel Berry. Lea Michele may be a highly talented human being but that doesn’t change the fact that Rachel Berry is just annoying and stuck up and self absorbed. Why does she always look like she dresses up in the dark? I will always remember the dumbest line I’ve ever heard, said by no other that Rachel Berry when Jesse St. James lured her into the parking lot only to egg her – “Do it. Break it like you broke my heart” – WTF Bitch go home.

5) It’s  Overly Over-rated

This is one of the reasons why I hate most things, especially songs and over used acronomys like YOLO! (That shit is every where. Fell of my bed, YOLO. Got a new boyfriend, YOLO. My red blood cells carry oxygenated blood to parts of my body YOLO. People need to shut the fuck up!) Back on subject, not only does Glee suck but Glee is also everywhere, you turn left, you see Glee, you turn right you see Glee.  People are crying and running around like headless chickens over all singing all dancing bullshit. There’s now where to run anymore! And that’s making me hate Glee with passion.

  1. And it is ridiculously politically correct.


  2. THANKYOU. Finally someone who agrees with me!


  3. Glee was nice but now it SUCKS I hope it gets cancelled


  4. Your such an amazing writer.


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