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Five Reasons Why Revenge ROCKS

In TV Shows on 14/07/2012 at 6:29 PM

I freakin’ love Revenge. It’s like the best thing to happen to TV Shows – since TV. It’s July and we have an eternity to wait until September comes, so that season 2 of this award winning show can once again grace our TV screens. So until then, I’ve decided to compile a list of what makes Revenge ROCK!

1) It Has An Inventive Idea and Formart

There isn’t one single show out there at the moment that focuses on the concept of revenge, revenge comes up in a lot of the other shows I watch like Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, it is one of the things I like to call, a dramatic catalyst it keeps the ball rolling however not for a whole seasons, but Revenge does this and brings a  whole new meaning to “getting your own back” – this is probably the shows unique selling point and also the most enjoyable part of the show, for me at least I love watching Emily kick ass!. We all love the whole rich people behaving badly backdrop and also the rich people being messed up (honestly it makes me so happy to see that financially superior peole aren’t all that happy… shhhhh!). I also love that each episode (in the begginning) was dedicated to the take down of one person, but gradually as revenge became more complicated so did the episode formats.

2) Emily and Victoria ROCK!!

Kudos to whoever casted Revenge’s character as every actor fits their character oh so well!! Especially Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe aka Emily and Victoria. They are both mad talented, mad beautiful and mad conniving. I would go as far as saying that Victoria Grayson is Revenge’s secret weapon, I hope they didn’t kill her off!! So why do you just have to love these ladies….. well. They are both very similar and they don’t even know it. It suddenly hit me that they is no good guy in revenge, well except for Jack and Declan but they don’t really count because this whole revenge thing has nothing to with them. Anywaaayss, Emily and Victoria are both bad bitches, they both will stop at nothing to get their way, they both loved David Clarke and I just love them and the bad blood between them. The most classic Victoria V.S Emily moment was in the season finale, when Victoria went to Emily’s house and made her open the empty box of a engangement present that she so kindly given. OMG!! I was thinking…. bitch!! Bad bitch! It’s moment like these that has me glued to the screen.

3) There Are Twists and Turns At Every Corner

Revenge is what I like to call, Drama Galore. It’s filled with secrets upon secrets upon lies upon….. REVENGE! There is soo much to take in, the plot is flawless every episode is better than the last. There is so much mystery and suspense and I love how the past plays such a huge part in the present. The writers over at revenge have a real talent for story telling.

4) The Fact The Main Character Is A Sociopath

How do I explain this in a way that would make sense in words. The lead character Emily Thorne is hard hearted, manipulative, scheming, conniving, hardcore – bad bitch. Her character is one that is normally made out to be the villain; she dedicates her whole entire being to ruin people’s life for goodness sakes! Everything about her is hard. She’s ready to take anyone who is in her way down, including her sidekick Nolan Ross (I love me a bit of Nolan). Normally central characters are all nice and warm and lovable but dear old Emily is a freakin’ sociopath and I love her for it!! This is another thing that sets Revenge out from other shows.

5) It Has An Impossible Love Triangle  (Which Might As Well Be A Square)

Normally love triangles annoy the hell out of me, but the one on Revenge is simply phenomenal; Emily and Jack are childhood sweethearts, but Jack doesn’t know that because he isn’t aware that Emily is actually Amanda but he’s still really into her and so is she,but dear old Emily holds back, because she needs to be with Daniel ( to take down his unsuspecting family and everyone who ruined her life) but Jack isn’t aware of this, and is left heartbroken until…… Amanda Clarke, who is the real Emily Thorne joins the party and decides that she likes the look of Jack and plays on the fact that Amanda and Jack have “a past” to squeeze her way into his heart, so when Amanda leaves town poor  Jack is left with a  double heartbreak and ends up being sprung on basically two Emilys (real and fake) and two Amandas (real and fake).  I also love how it’s not very clear if Emily loves Daniel, I like to believe that she does just for the sake of it.

If you don’t watch Revenge then your probably crazy or you haven’t really heard about it, well you have now…. go watch!!! It ROCKS!! Why do you love Revenge or why (God forbid) don’t you?

Thanks for reading, more to come.

  1. Victoria Grayson is so graceful that i keep forgetting Emily is the lead role 🙂


    • Who can even blame you, that woman is a epic as epic gets. Have you been keeping up with season 3…. OMG.


      • totally…watched every single episode of S3…its going crazy…for some reason i dont trust Patrick and i have a feeling he would come back…Poor Nolan, always unlucky with love..i love love Victoria and Nolan…super strong characters i must say…who’s your fav Revenge person…?


        • I’ve been watching too and can’t wait to see who shots Emily in that pretty wedding dress of hers. I don’t trust Patrick either but he is so hot I wouldn’t mind him coming back lol. Apart from Emily and Victoria who I think I love equally (they rank the same on my favourite female tv characters post), I would say Nolan and Aiden, Nolan is just so quirky, well developed (I loved his personal take down this season) & ridicoulosly loveable. Aiden because he’s just so Aiden and he’s the perfect match for Emily, his proposal was simply tear jerking. This season Charlotte has been irking me to dangerous levels, funny how she hates her mother but has been slowly turning into just that.


          • i know right…Charlotte is becoming what she always hated…it kind of made me angry how she brought in Sarah …poor girl…got her heartbroken all over again by the same family…
            i dont who shot Emily…but i hope its not anyone Emily trusts,…


  2. Very informative reviews.l enjoyed reading .l appreciate your visit to my site..Wishing you happiness and success.Jalal


  3. Sociopath lead huh? That’s sounds so crazy. I have never heard of a love triangle as complicated as that. Wow. Talk about interesting. Forevermore i agree with you. The storyline/plot is one of the major influences of whether a series will be good. A strong plot with great actors and great directors makes a hit.


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