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Bared To You: A Crossfire Novel, Sylvia Day | Book Review

In Books on 13/07/2012 at 6:45 AM

“I want there to be happily-ever-afters for the fucked up crowd. Show me the way Eva, honey, make me believe” –  Cary Taylor

The fundamental concept of Bared To You is two messed up people finding love, and fighting to not let their past define their presence and negatively affect their future. I found it to be a really up lifting story, I found myself cheer-leading for Eva and Gideon

What I loved about the two is that, they have the potential to self-destruct. In normal love stories it’s always outer forces trying to tear the couple apart e.g. Romeo & Juliet (the most classic love story, by the man who ruined my life) but in Bared To You, it’s them (Eva & Gideon) , they cause the problems and it isn’t over stupid reasons. It’s deeply rooted reasons, things that a lot people fail to live past. The emotional state of both of them, especially Eva, is the aftermath of a horrific period during their lifetime. If Eva’s childhood had not been so horrific, I would have most probably have found her behavior completely  melodramatic, so in a sense, Sylvia Day has taught me to no judge people by just what you see, cause I always say  “what you know about someone is what they chose to display” but Day taught me that, a person does not just wake up one morning to be terribly insecure like Eva or dominant and controlling like Gideon; something had to have happened to them, to make them so, I kind of always knew this but Day made me think more about it. She projected that message, in the most powerful and discreet way, it just shows what a great writer she is. The other thing that I loved about Bared To You is that, the people close to Eva and Gideon are just as messed up as the two of them, not in the same way, but equally messed up. Like Eva’s mum and Eva’s best friend Cary and Gideon’s brother, Christopher and Magdalene Perez. If you look really closely you’ll find that they are all basically messed up. No question asked.

Bared  To You is really well written. Day’s writing style is so precise and insightful and she uses all these words that I had to look up in the dictionary. I  thought that Day was using language to show how abnormal Eva & Gideon are. It’s either that or I’m not as word-ley as I thought, if that even a word – time to start reading a whole dictionary for the sake of it. As I said before, Day does not have a physical villain in this book. The villain is the presence of the past. That is the only way I can put it, I think it’s pretty smart how she did this and also better for the story, as it’s easier to fight against someone you can see instead of such a powerful enemy who has the power to dominate the rest of their lives. Day’s writing style is also very narrative; she puts you in Eva’s shoes. She transports you to the scene. Bared To You also reads like a movie, in a good way – which kind of makes it easier for you to put yourself in the scene. The only other book that I’ve come across that read like a movie is The Keepers Daughter by Gill Arbuthnott, which is probably one of my favorite books ever. I’m all for these two books to be turned into a movie and his sexiness Ian Somerhalder has Gideon Cross written all over him.

The book is actually classed as erotic fiction, but honestly I think with or without all the sex scenes, Bared To You would still be as great. Unlike other books (50 Shades) sex is not the base of the cake; it’s more like cherry on top. I love the attraction and the need and the want that Gideon and Eva feel toward each other (and how Day describes it), it’s as if fate decided to put two messed up people together because only they can un-mess each other up. I also love how, Eva is strong and strong and just….. strong, what she went through is the same thing that could break a million other girl, no girl deserves to go through that, but Eva came out fighting and Bared To You is a story about Eva and Gideon reclaiming their now intertwined destiny and finally taking the steps of putting all the demons from their past to rest by fighting for their right to love and happiness. I recommend this to anyone who loves a good read and a story with depth and a story that is real, not just some book with the same old, “I love you” “I love you too” never dying love, Romeo & Juliet, what shall we do now story.

 “I’d walk into hell for you, Eva, and this is pretty damn close” – Gideon Cross

Thanks for reading, more to come.


  1. I’d rather see a movie of Bared to you then 50 shades any day. It has a story line like you said.


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