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The Twilight Saga V.S The Vampire Diaries

In Movies, TV Shows on 12/07/2012 at 6:46 PM

This is not excatly a hot topic, but I just feel the need to have my say about it.

Personally, asking me wether Twilight is better than Vampire Diaries is like asking a man who has been lost in the Sahara Desert for ten days wether he wants a glass of boiling hot water, over a bucket of ice cold water. Vampire diaries makes Twilight look like a hot mess – and like hell Twilight is a hot mess. The only reason that twilight has people running around like headless chickens is the fact that Taylor Lautner is HOT! and some mentally disturbed girls, actually find Robert Pattison, hot and sexy or whatever the hell they wanna call it.

Okay, PAUSE. This goes out to all the Crazy OVer R Patz girls of the world. Can you please explain to me whats so smokin’ hot about the picture above? Seriously get some HD glasses. Please. It’s for your own well being. I will always remember the day me and my friend Hena, found this picture on google, were laughing like there was no tomorrow, tears wear streaming out, there was actually a point when I was running out the room because I couldn’t bear to be in the same room as that picture as I would have to look at it and laugh even more.

Anyways, back on topic. Vampire Diaries is truly amazing, I tried to read the books, but I gave up within the first 3 chapter because there were just “urrrrrgggghh” what the hell. But the TV Shows deserve every success under the stars. Normally I would say that you can’t fairly compare these two as one is a series of movies and one is a tv show. But you know, since everyone likes to go on about it I have compiled a list of nine things out of a million that makes The Vampire Diaries kick Twilight’s ass into yesterday.

1) Twilight’s Casting Director, Deserves A High 5, On His Face, With A Chair

Am I the only one who thinks whoever casted the 3 most important characters in the Twilight just made an epic fail of it. Bella, Edward and Jacob are just hot messes up on the screen. Kristen Stewart can not even act, R-Patz is just bland up on the screen. And Taylor, smoking hot as he may be, he’s just un-Jacob. In contrast the people over at Vampire Diaries obviously thought long and hard about the leading lady and leading men and how they worked with all the other characters. Which is why every single actors fits perfectly into every single character.( Joseph Morgan killed the role of Klaus, every time he came on screen I felt the need to clap for him  Joseph Morgan is perfect for that role + he is so “ohh la la”)

2) Bella’s A Weak Bitch

I hate, Isabella Marie Swan/Cullen. Both in the books and the movies, but more so in the movies because Kristen Stewart makes her even more annoying and  I can then imagine actually high fiving Kristen as Bella, on her face, with a chair – over and over and over again . Bella lets Edward run her and she’s easily manipulated by Jacob’s dickhead persona. In a world where the strong survive, I wonder how Bella Swan kept her head on the right place for so long. It was worse in New Moon. What kind of girl goes half mad over one boy. I don’t care if it was true love, thats just bullshit. Bella is a disgrace to women everywhere. Infact, when I have daughters, I will make them watch every twilight movie and tell them about how I’ll slap them sideways black, blue AND red if they ever go around the way Bella does. Vampire Diaries however, has a leading lady, who actually leads her own life. Elena holds her own through out the madness, she knows her mind and is not easily swayed by others. Elena is brave, kind, passionate, loving and admirable, through and through. Bella’s just – “ohh Edward. ohh Jacob. protect me”

3) The ACTress Who ACTs Bella – Can’t ACT

If Santa existed I would ask him to give Kristen Stewart at least 1/4 of a decent acting talent. Seriously, let me give you a visual demonstration of how bland her acting is. She is a monotone robot. This is…..

Bella when she’s sad

Bella when she’s happy

 Bella when she’s angry

Bella when she’s lovey dovey over Edward

Bella when she’s thinking about Jacob


Bella when she’s pissing me the hell of!!

 Vampire Diaries however, has one of the most beautiful woman and finest actress around as it’s leading lady. Nina has it all down to the T. And what more, Nina Dobrev plays two characters, the main villain and the central character and she does them both so well. Kristen Stewart has no hope in hell, pulling off that shit.

4) Vampire Diaries Has Better Storylines

On a level it’s not twilight’s fault that we all know how its going to end, before it’s even begun. But still. Twilight’s storytelling sucks!! Whereas VD never fails to create fresh new storylines for us. The story progresses through the 3 season, we go from Elena meeting Stefan and them two falling in love and Damon being the anti hero, then Katherine comes in with all guns blazing and creating new problems, little did we know that Katherine might as well be the calm before the storms of the originals. Everything in VD flows unlike Twilight. The writers weave all kind of webs, and it just keeps on getting better. I love it all, the witches, the werewolves, the sun & the moon curse, the hybrid curse, Klaus and the originals, the ghosts, the love triangle, the everything. If the writers keep on the amazing storyline machine running, The Vampire Diaries has the potential of a very long successful life span.

5) Ian Somerhalder Is The Sexiest Man Alive.. No Lie

*sigh* The camera never lies and a picture says a thousand word  – need I say more?

6) Vampire Diaries Has More Action  and More Gruesome

Twilight is seriously lacking on this department. Normally Vampires = blood, horror and action. But noooohh, Stephanie Meyers decided to make her vampires all civilised and shit. In the movies they did try to create some action and excitement, like in New Moon but that was just Edward getting his ass kicked. They tried in Eclipse but that was barely acceptable. In Breaking Dawn Part 1 they had a little, “tussle” in the front yard of the Cullen House. And we all know that in Breaking Dawn Part 2 no one breaks a nail. When it comes to action and horror VD brings it all the way home. People die – a lot. (You know I’ve realised that anyone who is not a main character in VD ends up dead, now that’s how a vampire world should work.) Wether its the vampires feeding, actual hand to hand combat, Damon and Stefan fighting, torture, Katherine’s misadventures, vampire slaying, Klaus business,  some witchy shit or that face the vampire makes when they pull out their fangs. Vampire Diaries can be horrible at times – e.g you remember when Damon pulled Mason’s heart out? THAT WAS AWESOME!!!

7) Vampire Diaries Vampires Are More Vampirey

First things first, the vampire’s that grace Mystic Falls are HOT… Give me Paul Wesley any day!! They all have something dark and dangerous about them. VD’s vampires are more traditional they have all cool powers and there are just plain sexy!! One of the things that I love about VD is the “original vampire” thing. Here we actually get to see the origins of vampires, their history and it also provides great storylines. Twilight vampire’s are so piss taking, they actually go as far as sparkling in the sunlight. When your reading this it sounds alright but when it’s right infront of you – it’s an epic fail. Plus Twilight’s vampires spend waaaayyy to much time in the makeup room. They look like freakin’ dolls and not even pretty dolls, just fake and plastic. Rosaline is meant to be extremely beautiful and she just so…….  “go fix your face” in the movies. I hate the wigs and I hate the contacts they wear, thats just some ordinary shit. The vampires of The Vampire Diaries ROCK!!

8) Vampire Diaries Has More Of The Other Kind Of Action

Bella and Edward barely kiss in Twilight. I swear there’s more tounge action in freakin’ Hannah Montana and thats aimed at kids – KIDS!!!. I know some people will read this and be like “Oh My God!! Whats this forever more person talking about, Bella and Edward’s love is soo much deeper than the physical stuff, blah, blah, blah”. You know what I say to that – “SO?” I don’t care about the eternal love Bella and Edward share, the movie is boring, the leading lady can’t act, your vampire’s are pussies, the werewolves are laughable (seriously what was that mental communication bullshit they tried to do in Breaking Dawn part I, I was rolling on the floor because of that), nothing here is entertaining, the least you can do, is have a bit of action!! The love scene in Breaking Dawn was freakin stupid, it was like 3 seconds of them laughing and that weak bitch Bella just moaning and shit. Turn on Vampire Diaries and you get action garole. And the thing is the love scenes aren’t even tacky, they fit in to the episodes and story lines or so perfectly. And they are HOT!! Lucky Nina Dobrev! She get’s paid to act with some of the finest talented eye candy alive and roll around on bed sheets with them while at it… Ian, Paul, Taylor Kinney. Nina if you’re reading this I’m game for life swap any day.

9) Vampire Diaries Has Better Villains

Villains are one of the most important things in shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Twilight. We need a  good antagonist for goodness sake!  We need someone to hate!!! VD always has good villains, they all have “ummpppphhhh”. The writer’s over at Vampire Diaries understand the importance of such characters and that is why they are always creating new enemies. Damon was sort of a villain once (*sigh*), Pearl, Isobel, John, Logan, Katherine (I love her), Elijah (he’s so cute), Mikael, Alaric (I loved that one, the vampire hunter becomes what he hates the most), Esther; the original witch, the tomb vampires, ghosts they even did a 180 degrees turn and made Stefan, one of the leading men a freakin villain (not every show can pull that one off) and so on and so on and the boss of all villains, KLAUS!! I dare someone to tell me which Twilight villain can even think about comparing themselves to any Vampire Diaries villain. All Twilight has is the Volturi who don’t really do anything other than give out orders and have their 3 leaders sitting on their chairs looking all creepy and shit. Seriously, Aro is channeling that whole Dracula vibe AND IT’S FREAKIN’ STUPID. They had Victoria who isn’t even worth mentioning because she had to hide behind newborns to be any kind of threat to the Cullens. Freakin, James was alright but he wasn’t a top class villain, he was just a sight to behold. And…. wait thats it.

I could go on and on about how and why Twilight can’t hold a candle at Vampire Diaries, but I think I’ve proven my point. What do you think, Twilight or Vampire Diaries? And Why? Which are you looking forward to see; Vampire Diares Season 4, or Breaking Dawn Part 2, pretend that you’ve been lost in the desert for 10 days and someone is offering you, two types of water.

Thanks for reading, more to come.

  1. Whoever wrote this as trying to be funny is cringey as hell. First of all, all vampire series are different when it comes to characteristics. (Like, it even explains why they sparkle. If all vampires were the same in all series, no one would care to watch them as much. Different is a good thing.) And that photo of Rob was when he was a CHILD model. Who finds children “hot”? Honestly if you hate it so much, and obviously don’t know anything about half the things you’re complaining of, don’t write about it. It’s that simple.


    • Well darling, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t trying to be funny when I wrote this 6 years ago. And you’ll find that I am extremely well read in all things vampires. The fact that they can be re-imagined in so many different ways is my favorite thing about them. But don’t act like vampires who are made of ice and glitter in the sun aren’t laughable.

      Did you even read my article by the way. I clearly know what I’m talking regarding Twilight & TVD. I mentioned casting, weak female characters, terrible acting, better villains and better storytelling. But of course all you care about is Rob. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, did you want a hug?


  2. Underworld is an amazing movie it always leaves you hanging and you want more and more of it,I think i will check the VD where can i buy it at.


  3. I have never seen Vampire Dairies but I love Twilight (books and movies) i cant wait to see the very last one.Kristen does do a good job at playing Bella Swan/Cullen.Stephanie Meyer is a awesome writer but I agree with you Robert is so ugly but i believe that Taylor is so hot,but Underworld all those movies are the bomb (if you havent watched them go and get them)Underworld is a badass movie. But i still love twilight


  4. Sorry to take up more of your space, but if you need to respond to my note on wild women as wolves, I forgot to check the box for “notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.” Maybe this box can fill the need, should you have one.


  5. That movie you described sounds truly terrifying. I am now on a mission to track it down and find out if the girl escaped or not. Vampires have come a long way from Bram Stoker’s days, they keep on evolving. Once they were old men in capes who hid in their gloomy castles until the night swallowed the sky. But these days I wouldn’t be surprised if my next door neighbor is a vampire, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are a vampire. The undead are now sexy, young, irresistible and most importantly humanised (take for example Damon and Stefan from VD) – this is probably why vampires do so well in popular culture we find ourselves drawn into their dark world and we can strangely relate to them. I’ve never heard of Dark Shadows until now but, my guess is that 1,225 episodes on daytime TV must have counted as some kind of stepping stone for the evolution of vampires. As for werewolves they are the business right now and they too have gone a long a way and they will continue growing for example The Women of The Other World series just brought an entire new meaning to the word werewolf. However, I would rather be bitten by a vampire than a werewolf….. I am terrified of dogs!!!


    • Yes, the movie might be hard to find now. It was an old black-and-white from the later 60’s (I was too young for it and wasn’t supposed to be watching), a cheap (if inspired) take on the werewolf’s pursuit. But if you want to see a truly gifted, scary and at the same time funny-as-hell take on werewolves, see “An American Werewolf in London.” You can probably catch it at a revival theatre (80’s), or at Blockbusters Videos and DVD store. It does again what that 80’s (late 70’s?”) stage play of “Dracula” did, which is to combine scary thrills with humor to get you giggling with hysteria. The very gifted actress of “The Snow Goose” (I can’t latch onto her name just now) played the female role. The movie really doesn’t disappoint, even at the end, where so many monster films manage to fall flat.


    • Thought this deserved a separate note, as it’s only tangentially related to actual werewolves; for wolves as spiritual and psychic beings, get the great fiction book by Clement Davies (“The Sight”), and for a thoughtful examination (though lengthy) of wild women/women as wolves, see Clarissa Pinkola Estes (“Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype”). With this latter title, you can sort of just browse and dip and “feed” (to be a wild woman about it).


  6. I’m going to seem woefully underinformed. I’m part of an older generation who watched “Dark Shadows” when it was a tv show, and who went back and forth between the sheer horrified wonder of trying to decide whether I would rather have my body gradually sucked dry of blood until I died and became a vampire too (vis-a-vis Barnabas Collins) or whether I would rather be mauled to death by a werewolf (Quentin Collins), and come back to life as another werewolf. Neither of these guys were really young or sexy, the way the male characters in Vampire Diaries and (because some people insist) “The Twilight Saga” are. For one thing, Barnabas had greasy hair (though he exuded a real thrill of horror) and Quentin was too much like the bad boy of the family to be really convincing. I haven’t seen or read any of the younger models you are remarking upon, but I wanted to say that the scariest and most exciting and convincing monster movie I ever saw was one in which the camera angle was taken from the point of view of the werewolf (and it’s true that I remember only the drama of the scene and not even the name of the movie), in which the girl being pursued was running away screaming in front and the werewolf’s feet and hands (hairy as ever) were seen at the edges of the camera shot as he quickly stumbled after her, growling to beat the band. I could hear the sound in the background of his heart beating rapidly. I can’t even remember whether or not he caught her, all I remember is that sequence. I do think, though, that it’s the sympathy the audience was encouraged to give to the embattled and hexed and bewitched Collins family which set the scene all these years later for the sexy new vampires and werewolves (I mean, as long as I’m talking something other than just sheer horror, which in the old days was thrilling enough to allow one to get the sexual bit from one’s own boyfriend/husband by curling up close to him for the supposed protection he was able to give in the crowded theatre or on a cozy couch–assuming that he himself wasn’t scared sh-tless too!). What do you think?


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