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Why Do People Hate On Kim Kardashian? – When They Are The Ones Who Make Her Famous!

In Views On Life on 09/07/2012 at 12:01 PM

May I first begin by saying that, I kind of respect Kim K. No, it is not because I think that she is smart and entertaining and what not (I wouldn’t know because I don’t even watch her show(s)), Kim K is obviously a no talent money/fame whore, but with all things said I have respect for because Kim K makes money like a freaking factory, Kim K is a PR genius.  Come on – think about it – Not just anybody can shamelessly sell their entire life to the cameras for as long as she has been doing. That lady deserves some kind of award.

Here is the thing about Kim K, you either love loving her, or love hating her, or you don’t mind her like me. People’s favourite argument is that Kim K is only famous for being famous and that is why she doesn’t deserve all the hype and money she gets, blah, blah. Blah. That point is actually the reason for this post. Society needs to stop hating on people like Kim K who are famous for no particular reason because this does not only reflect on the person who is famous (as they obviously have no shame) but more so on the society that has made them so (famous) as one can only achieve fame when others giving it to them. And Kim K has been given fame on a ridiculously mass scale. People have all the power in these kind of things. Kim is famous because people have made her famous, if people showed no interest then Kim would fast become a used to be, used to be reality TV star. If people really hate her then they should just strip her of the spotlight they have so kindly given.

My main argument is that, Kim K was a nobody until in 2007 she and Ray J starred in a leaked sex tape; which was an instant hit . That was the turning point of her life. That was what made her into who she is today, several years along the line and she is the proud owner of one of the most documented “celebrity life” in the world, with a TV series that stretches 6 seasons and more that 60 episodes and that is not even counting the spin offs, as of 2012, she has a net worth of over $38 million. Yes $38 million as of 2012 – all because once upon a time she was the leading lady in a freakin’ sex tape!!! What the hell is that……

If a girl can get this much things off a sex tape, tell me what that says about the society? No one should really be complaining about the scale of fame and fortune Kim K has, because they are the ones who provide her with such things. Society, complains about sex in the media and frig else, when it is obvious that society likes sex on the sly because if they didn’t, then Kim K wouldn’t be shit. Our society obviously rewards this kind of misbehaviour (while complaining obsessively about it) and that is why I think Kim K and the rest of the Kardashians should squeeze the public off everything they have. That is what I would do, and I bet you that is what you would do too. We’re living in a mad, mad world.


  1. I agree with you. Kim is a no talent attention whore. There’s a lot of women who sleep around in Hollywood and they never make it to her status. However her father was a lawyer with connections(he was friends with OJ Simpson). And of course he mother married Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner. But all that aside,I will admit that she knows how to market herself. She’s good at manipulating the media. The media seems to be interested in every move she makes. Kind of like her former friend Paris Hilton. Where is that girl anyway?lol But it seems that Kim as a new boyfriend every few months. Reggie Bush? Nick Cannon? Now Kanye West? I can’t keep up. I consider Kim to be the modern day whore of Babylon. Who would have thought all this came from a “leaked” sex tape.lol


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