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Why Do Girls Hate On Whores So Much?

In Views On Life on 07/07/2012 at 9:25 PM

Okay, I know that this meant to be a review blog and trust me, I fully intend to do that on here, but sometimes things bother me so much that I need to speak out about them.  The question above is one that has only recently invaded my mind, when I say recently I mean around 4am last night when I was twisting and turning trying to get some sleep. First and foremost,  may I say that I don’t condone promiscuity among both boys and girls but of course when I say whores I’m talking about girls since society reserves such titles for females.

I do understand why girls don’t like whores for example I don’t like whores because they are a disgrace to women but then again, so are bad mothers. But what I don’t understand is, why girls waste all there time, trying to shame whores and talking about them and cussing them and basically hating on these girls. Then the answer hit me, girls (i’m talking about the young ones who have the time to do such things, 16ish give or take a few years) feel threatened by whores and they hate on whores because they (whores) offer something that these girls do not want to offer and that is dear reader…. sex with no strings attached. There I’ve said it.

Girls always wonder why boys always seem to prefer whores over good girls to answer this age long question – let me hit you with a bit of information. Sleeping with a whore is like going to McDonald’s, they know what you are there for, when you order a double cheese burger, the server will not ask you why you want a double cheeseburger instead of a McFlurry or if you want to get to know them first.  Apply this notion to boys and whores then I’m sure that you’ll have no problem understanding why boys of a certain age want whores. There is also the fact that a lot of girl expect way, wayyyy, waaaaaayyy to much, they are forever looking for the perfect guy instead of the right guy, they don’t realise that that some guys make themselves perfect (to their standards) because they wants into the girls pants.  Simple.

This is when girls end up with broken hearts and then suffer double heartbreak when they see their used to be, used to be the  perfect guy with a whore. The right guy may be the perfect guy but the perfect guy may not be the right guy, girls need to understand this as soon as humanly possible. I have come to the conclusion that (a majority) boys of 16, 17, 18 don’t want to settle, all they wanna do is eat, sleep and have fun in all sorts of manner, and one of them is sex (with no strings attached). In contrast the vast majority of girls of 16, 17, 18  do dream of settling down someday and they already have the fairy tale dream of meeting there soul mates and living happy ever after as soon as possible. Like hell even I think of that fairy tale and I already know that it’s utter bullshit.

The purpose of this post, is informing you dear reader why girls should stop feeling threatened by whores. Every community has at least a handful of community bikes. I’m not saying that this is a good thing; I’m just saying it as it is. Being a whore is personal choice, sleeping around is like marmite; some people prefer it, some don’t. And whores will always exist, it’s just how it is, some of them are insecure, some of them do it for attention and some of them just like, dick.

Now back to, why girls should leave whores alone; girls need to understand that in the long run whores have nowhere to go in life. They may be getting all this attention from boys now but in the end no (sane) boy would ever want to settle with a whore, something that normal girls want. Think of a boy choosing a girl for marriage or any kind of serious long term relationship as a boy choosing a car, note that is in no disrespect to female, I’m a girl as well and I’m using this example because it truly paints a picture of the situation I’m talking about. This is how it goes – do you think a boy would pick a cheap, broke down, been around the block way to many times with a couple of thousand miles on it already, car with battle scars and all that, over a clean, graceful, educated, shiny, classy, brand new car with few miles on it? When you look at it at it that way, you realise that girls are wasting their time hating on whores because in the end they (whores) won’t win. And even if  a boy does pick a whore over a good girl – well then good for him, he found love there’s two less lonely hearts in the world.

So that’s it people,  good girls should concentrate in making their way in the world, living life to the fullest and achieving whatever they wish instead of wasting their time watching and hating on whores. Life is too short and hating takes energy. What are your thoughts on all this crap?

Thanks for reading, more to come.

  1. sunshine you truely do have insightful information.. the issues you talk about are old questions we have all pondered. i have had really bad encounters with whores when it comes to my boyfriend and i have found myself stooping to their level offering sexual favors just to get his attention. now lets make this clear that he was and still is my boyfriend of three years so i dont go around doing this but i still understand what your saying. i have deep hatred for these girls that caught my boyfriends attention even if it was only for one night or even just one hour. but truthfully at the end of the day he lets the whores go back to the gutter and gets in bed with me…. so why waste my time and energy hating these girls? yes i will admit hoes will when the battle and theres nothing us women can ever do to change it. But the real ass women always win the war. thank you for your amazing perspective on this issue.


    • Your welcome, thank you for the support.Your proof that my logic works in reality, hoes can do what they like but your boyfriend is YOUR boyfriend and they can do nothing about that fact, on the long run you win! Good luck to you both, 🙂


  2. Plus my 2 older sister they have bad kids and marriage so i dont want to be stressed out like they are in thier marriages.Sometimes i dont think i will find a man who will love me because of my past,but i have a huge heart and i hope someday a real man with a good heart will see that and love me but as a young child seeing my 2 older sister raise there kids and see how their husband treat them,even they always tried to treat me as their kid even to this day because my mother passed away when i was 15 three yrs ago.That alot of reason of not wanting to get married.I would love to read a post on your intake of my promblems but do it like in general for all the public but use my info as a reference too
    Thank you that would be really cool to see you intake.


  3. Im 18 and i know what your talking about thats why i never want to get married or have children i dont want to deal with this whore stuff or boy stuff because men will never change.I believe when i am old if i am married,my husband will choose some young pussy over old pussy any day.I dont want a whore daughter or a manwhore son thats why i dont want kids,Boys,guys,men,dudes they are all the same.i used to be hated on for this same issue but i have changed but people still want to bring my past up.Thats why i will never marry or have children.if you use to be a hoe you will always be one to everyone else it doesnt matter if you change Society will see you as such.Well thats my input


    • I’m heart broken about how you feel. Although you do raise some good points. I hope that one day you will find a man who will respect you too much to do such things and love you all the same.


  4. Lol truth.


  5. One splendid post.Some times you need to name things by name. Wishing you success. Jalal


  6. I think that’s actually a valid point. I mean certainly some girls do feel insecure enough to habour feelings of hatred and resentment towards other females their age who are confident with themselves.
    I totally agree with you.


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