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In Let's Talk About It on 14/02/2017 at 8:10 PM

Hey it’s me again after all this time.

So much has happened since I closed curtains on this blog, I grew up, I’m now at uni, I built up another blog which I eventually closed curtains on as well and I published my first ever poetry anthology called Blue Raptures  (which you can buy now by the way) it can only be described as a twisted trip through my mind.

I know I don’t live here anymore, but this is my baby, I check on this blog often and I’m always shocked that people are still reading the words of my teenage self, so thank you for that. Basically I’m just here to tell you to come through to my new new blog called marriedtotheink . No I don’t do any ranting on that bad boy, I’m a creative blogger now. I post poems and I let people in on the mind of wordsmith, I’m gonna start doing book reviews real soon and just track my growth as a creative. So let me see you over there, don’t be shy and don’t forget to tell me you came from MISSMORETALKS.

Until we meet again, Miss More


Miss More Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

In Let's Talk About It on 02/10/2014 at 1:49 PM

Yes, it’s me again. I know I’ve disappeared again as I always do.

I went on holiday so and took a break from life and blogging. I started this other blog that was going to be about serious shit, because there’s many sides to me and Miss More Talks represents only one side of that die. But then I thought about it and I was like forget blogging then I convinced myself that to stop blogging all together. I was just so over blogging for one hot minute.

But now I miss it – A LOT.

So, 96 posts later, I’m starting over. I just want a clean slate, actually two clean slates if you think about it. One of them is called Death by Dreaming. Me and my girl made it ages ago, it was supposed to be dedicated to creative writing but we never really got into it. So now I’m hijacking it. That’s gonna be my new home (well one of them at least). The other blog, I feel like I’m not ready for, I feel like I can’t really put my all in it so I’m just laying off it until I’m prepared to make it epic. So until then Death by Dreaming is my baby.

DD; the world is fucked, details don’t matter.

I’m gonna just do what I was doing here all along and maybe a little more. But I’m gonna do it better. I’m gonna have direction. I’m gonna be bad ass. I might just buy the site if I can be bothered. No I haven’t started posting – YET.

Check me out in the very very near future deathbydreaming.wordpress.com

Why is it called Death by Dreaming you ask. The answer is why not.

See you soon, Miss More.

Pretty Little Liars – 5×04 Thrown From The Ride | Commentary

In TV Shows on 06/07/2014 at 3:52 AM

So, what have we learnt this episode?… once you know something, you can’t un-known it.

Ali got me suspicious this episode because of her accidental A text. Was it a clue? It’s a clue. It has to be a clue. It has to be one of those tricky unstable clues but a clue nevertheless. What’s Ali’s involvement with this A psycho? Is she Big A. Oh Lord! I swear if she’s Big A I am gonna have trust issues for life. I did feel sorry for her during that examination, it’s either A) she was hell of nervous because she’s spun quite a large lie that could cost the girls A LOT or B) something really bad did happen to her while on the run for was it 2 years, that scar sure looked nasty. Maybe it’s both. But judging from her wide eyed look, I’d like to think that she is harboring some dark painful secret(s).

PLL 5x04 Collage 1

“It’s crazy isn’t it, I mean we’ve all wanted this for so long, a life without A and Ali back. I thought everything would feel like it did before but it hasn’t”

For once, Emily said something that didn’t make me want to shoot myself. I think her point is very important when you look at the girls relationship with Ali. She was the one that bought them together, once she was the core of their group, the girls only ever felt what Ali wanted them to feel, she was the queen and they were her puppets. And then she disappeared and they had to find their own identity, she bought them back together but this time she wasn’t that glue, a true friendship flourished. Ali has returned to the inner circle but not to her puppets but to her equals. It’s gonna be good watching how Queen Alison will deal with this situation. She’s obviously pissed the girls off with her nuclear lie. What next?

I love love love love love love love Hanna’s new hair!!! And what she wore was just…. yes!!

PLL 5x04 Collage2

In a world where everyone is  dip dying or highlighting or whatevering their hair blonde, Hanna goes for black. Here’s me thinking that she  would so pull off completely dark hair. Apparently she’s going back to her shop lifting tendencies, seriously? They can’t think of a better way to have the girl find herself. And that reminds me who the hell is stalking the girls, there was some creep hiding in the bushes at Emily’s and now some creep was in those changing rooms. That better be Big A rising.

The assault on Papa Hastings continues. Obviously, we’re being played stupid. Any time someone is made to look utterly dodgy in Rosewood it’s always the opposite.  Evidence? Ezra, Lucas, Toby…. With all that said though; where’s Mama Hastings!?

What I really want to know is why was Spencer BellaSwaning all through the Thrown From The Ride.

5x04 Collage 3

“There’s been monsters under my bed for so long  that now they’re not there anymore I feel like I have to create them”

As we all know Troian is a Kristen’s superior but all those expressions they had her making were classical Bella Swan. Okay maybe not the gasp, that’s classical PLL but the rest #BellaSwaning . Spencer has been Spenciring away since the end of last season, actually no she’s been Spenciring since the beginning of the entire series,  you obsessively seeking answers. And I like that about her, without her PLL would be just  3 teenagers dealing with sociopath, Spencer adds in the feelings.

Let’s just talk about the things I didn’t care for this episode real quick.

1. Andrew falling from the sky. I honestly didn’t remember his name until Spencer said it.

2. Lucas also falling from the sky. Honestly no one missed him.

3. Mona’s uber creepiness, she better have a better plan that practically threatening the girls with what she knows. Plus what in the name is she doing with operation MAkeAlisonWishSheStAyedDeAd is this just some NerdsUnite kind of thing or is she gonna go crazy?

4. The whole Pemily arch that’s just draaagging. Why can’t kill Paige off and then pull a TVD bring back Maya? A life for a life that works

5. Aria in general. She killed freakin A and the girls there moping about it *rolls eyes* Why couldn’t they make Ali kill Shana? No one would complain.

6. The writers trying to slowly build back Ezria from the ashes when everybody knows they’re totally gonna poke in the near future

Catch me next week my darlings and check out my last PLL commentary – 5×03 Surfing The Aftershocks.

Until we meet again, Miss More.

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